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Stubborn Fat Can Be Targeted Using Liposuction

October 6, 2015 No Comments Body Contouring
Temecula Cosmetic Surgery Center

Everyday we are bombarded with images in the media of celebrities transforming their bodies with  different diets and exercise programs.  For many of us, we are juggling busy careers and families and sticking to the latest diet or spending hours in the gym is simply impossible.  For many the ultimate solution is liposuction, liposuction today can give you that sculpted body by removing those troubled fatty areas. San Diego Body Contouring a San Diego and Temecula Cosmetic Surgery center an ..

Study Reveals Correlation Between Age and Body Happiness

April 15, 2015 No Comments Uncategorized
Temecula Cosmetic Surgery Center

A recent study reveals that there is a direct correlation between body happiness and age, ethnicity and race.  A staggering 13 percent of those surveyed were happy with their bodies, this percentage climbed to 17 percent with Asian and African American women.  Caucasian women overall were the most dissatisfied with approximately 87 percent of US women stating there were unhappy with at least one part of their body. 20 percent of Asian women report they are unhappy with their eyes, while Hispa ..

What are Calf Implants?

October 22, 2012 No Comments Body Contouring

Calf implants also known as calf augmentation is a surgical procedure wherein solid silicone is placed in the lower legs to lend a proper or desired shape to the calf muscles. Calf implants are mostly a cosmetic treatment or surgery but often they are opted for due to congenital or physical defects. People often do not develop proper calf muscles. This could be for a number of reasons. Some people naturally have underdeveloped leg muscles, skinny legs are also common among men and women, deform ..

Safety of Silicone Implants

June 11, 2012 No Comments Uncategorized

Silicone Breast Enlargements On November 17, 2006, the FDA approved silicone gel implants. Since the items happen to have been determined safe and effective, the FDA continues to watch them by requiring each breast implant manufacturer (Mentor and Inamed) to conduct a sizable postapproval study following about 40,000 women for ten years after receiving breast enlargements. The FDA frequently requires postmarket studies to reply to important questions that may only be clarified when a product ..

Fergie Plastic Surgery

May 25, 2012 No Comments Uncategorized
Temecula Cosmetic Surgery Center

Fergie is an American singer-songwriter, fashion designer and actress. Her real name is Stacy Ann Fergusen. She is also the female vocalist for the hip-hop group the Black Eyed Peas. Although, nowadays she is more recognized for her plastic surgery. Fergie has been rumored to have had Rhinoplasty, breast implants, and botox. She has totally transformed herself. She has gone under the knife many times and made her body a testing laboratory in past ten years. Fergie openly states that she wou ..

Liposuction Techniques

April 6, 2012 No Comments Uncategorized

Liposuction Techniques You will find various approaches for doing liposuction. Some techniques are not as considered safe (Dry Technique), and some are acknowledged as nation-wide standards of care (Tumescent Technique). Below are brief descriptions of many different techniques. Tumescent Technique - The tumescent technique is a technique that delivers local anesthesia to large volumes of subcutaneous fat and therefore permits liposuction completely by local anesthesia. Dry Technique - ..

Breast Augmentation Capsulation

March 15, 2012 No Comments Uncategorized

After breast enhancement with breast enlargements, excessive scarring may form around the breast implant which in turn causes the breast implants to harden (much like exactly what a contracted muscle feels like) because the naturally developing scarring around the breast implant firms and squeezes it. Every patient may have some scarring form round the breast implant, but if it forms a great deal the implant will feel firmer as well as harder with respect to the "grade" of capuslar contraction t ..

Lip Augmentation Temecula

March 6, 2012 No Comments Uncategorized

What's Lip Augmentation? Lip augmentation methods expand the lips and could reduce fine facial lines around the mouth. The upper or lower lip might be treated alone, or both lips may enlarged simultaneously. Lip augmentation could be accomplished by injecting or surgically implanting materials into the lips. Some methods are temporary, other procedure are permanent. What are the average costs of lip augmentation? Lip Augmentation costs between $300 and $5,000 with respect to the techniq ..

Breast Feeding with Breast Implants

February 22, 2012 No Comments Uncategorized

You will find two primary kinds of implants - saline and silicone gel. Neither hinder breast-feeding, however, many women had concerns about passing silicone gel into breast milk if their implants would rupture. These fears happen to be allayed by science. In early the nineteen nineties, there have been reviews of silicone gel seeping from implants in to the body, and ladies stated their autoimmune and ligament disorders were associated with their implants. Consequently, silicone implants were ..

Battle of the Bulge and Liposuction

February 8, 2012 No Comments Uncategorized

Cosmetic Methods and Liposuction "The fight of the bulge." That small, five-word phrase continues to be shoved within our faces for a long time, because of television, newspapers, and magazines. But sometimes, regardless of how hard you fight, the bulge includes a harder military. The truth is others have body fat cells that won't shrink, despite dieting and exercise. You are able to thank genetics in some instances. Liposuction is definitely a choice to remove small bumps that will not budge ..


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