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Mini Facelift Temecula

Facial Procedures

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We provide minimally invasive facial procedure that provides a natural result. Women today do not want that “wind blown” tell tale face-lift. We provide a small incision mini facelift called an S lift. This procedure in the right candidate can give dramatic natural results with a quick recovery. We also perform eyelid lifts, laser resurfacing and facial implants. Our newest addition is the light laser facial, which gives dramatic improvement with minimal downtime. Using a special laser we get improvement in pigment problems, skin blemishes, and fine lines. It is ideal for revitalization of sun-damaged skin. It usually requires one treatment and has less than a one-week recovery.

Natural Look Laser Lift

Today facial rejuvenation procedures involve quicker recovery procedures resulting in a more natural look. This procedure involves a small incision that tightens the facial muscles and skin. We then use a laser to further enhance the result by enhancing skin quality. Recovery is quick (usually less than 7 days) and results are long lasting and natural.


Temecula Cosmetic Surgery Center


Temecula Cosmetic Surgery Center


Temecula Cosmetic Surgery Center


Temecula Cosmetic Surgery Center